In-person, personalized training session/s designed to meet individuals’ personal goals and needs! Training locations can be home, outdoors, business, private gym.

Gym location options:

Price varies on location, gym fee, clients fitness needs (post rehab, extreme weight loss with goal accountability, specific sport training etc) price range $85-$130.

Monthly ONLINE Fitness Program

Keeping Personal Training Personal!
Certified USATF Level 1 Coach

Track & Field Coaching/Running training

Competitive Training & Coaching

Programing accommodating to meet goals for both indoor & outdoor season. 

  • Track programing. On track/road running layouts according to event/s. Dynamics, drills, recovery work.
  • Weight training program. Including main lifts and accessory work to assure stability mobility in joints and stabilizing muscles.
  • Nutrition. Supplement & nutritional recommendations for sport performance. For both pre & post training/ competition according to event.
**Strength and conditioning for all events (sprints, distance, throws, jumps, hurdles). Specific event coaching in short to long sprints & hurdles only!**

Recreational Training or post injury

If a leisure runner or new runner bases on foundation will be coaches accordingly to meet goals, prevent injury, or post injury training.  

  • Running layouts for each week
  • Strength training regimen for each week
  • Nutrition guidance/ recommendations

Inbody scale & consultation

Find out what you’re made up of! The InBody scale is the most accurate scale. It uses bio medical technology to determine ones body fat mass, muscle mass, & water weight! MaryEllen will go over body composition results, lifestyle habits, body type, and goals to help you reach your ideal body composition!

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