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“MaryEllen is an experienced, certified trainer continuing to challenge me to attain and exceed my fitness goals. She has been training me for only 5 months and I’ve found her to be an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer who has been able to get the most out of me. I continue to train with her for the following things she has taught me: – She helped me to realize the critical importance of correct form and proper rest in my training. I have more stamina and energy during workouts! – When I thought I couldn’t perform a difficult exercise, she has the patient of a saint and helped me to understand and try. – She implemented a custom training regimen which is rigorous, focused on my development needs, and has variety. She has also incorporated her extensive track and field background into our training routines – Her biggest impact on me has been a mental 360 change in lifestyle – coaching me to change and sustain a far healthier lifestyle (both eating and drinking). I have seen solid improvements in such a short period of time with my weight loss, strength, endurance, my overall physical tone, and my mental attitude – she has made the gym fun again for me! I wholeheartedly recommend MaryEllen as a trainer. She’s a conscientious professional, a knowledgeable fitness coach/mentor, and a friend – making me feel good about myself again.”

-James Florendo, Operations Executive JPMorgan & Chase & Co 


“MaryEllen made sure that I was always productive at the gym. She cared about my lifestyle in and out of the gym. She tried to make sure that I got enough rest and recovery for training and work (not an easy task, I might add). She paid close attention to detail because she cared about every detail. An hour with her was a small break in a busy day, and she allowed me to enjoy the moments, as well as this: I felt better. I recommend using and listening to MaryEllen.”

-Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL analyst


“I started training with MaryEllen in hopes of finding a strength and conditioning coach that would provide a more personalized training program. As a competitive swimmer, MaryEllen has not only helped me reach my goals but she has also helped me take my swimming career to the next level. I signed up to get a personalized, streamlined training program, but got way more than I bargained for. MaryEllen is the trainer that will go the extra mile for her clients. She is an outstanding listener, she is positive and motivating, she challenges you and helps you push yourself past your limits both mentally and physically. Most importantly, she really knows her stuff, and if she doesn’t know an answer she is quick to find you someone who does. Not only is she an amazing trainer, but she is also extremely personable and will most likely become your best friend. I’ve spent close to 2 years training with her and she has never failed to help me in the most personalized way possible. She is extremely flexible and is always ready to listen to you and what your body needs. For every concern I’ve ever had she is always there to provide the best advice both mentally and physically. I’m so happy to be able to train with someone as motivating and kind hearted as MaryEllen!!!”

-Isabela Antoniuk, HS student, Junior National Championship Athlete


“I’ve been training with MaryEllen for 4 years and have achieved outstanding results. My weight has dropped from 185 lbs. to 152 lbs. with a percentage of body fat decrease from 28.3% to 14.2% all accomplished within the first 6 months of training. At 64 years of age I have never felt stronger, healthier, or as flexible as I am today. Playing in a competitive softball league, I no longer need to heavily wrap my legs to avoid recurring quad and hamstring pulls. For the first time in years I am running free and easy with the increased strength and flexibility that has been achieved. My golf game is also improved resulting from specific exercises designed to increase core strength. MaryEllen, an accomplished track and field athlete, is passionate about fitness and it shows through in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She is an outstanding motivator and very creative in designing a workout that is challenging, diverse, and enjoyable, yet never pushes beyond what you’re capable of achieving. Her professionalism and commitment have set the foundation for a new and healthier lifestyle.”

-Brian Gloznek, Partner at Hertz Herson LLP


“Working with MaryEllen has been a wonderful experience. Her training technique is very effective. I feel stronger and see the progression week after week. She is patient and uses gentle corrections to fix my form and techniques. I don’t do well with people yelling at me or being tough so we work really well together. She pushes me to my limits….and then when I push past my boundaries I feel so accomplished. MaryEllen works closely with me to create a realistic meal plan and holds me accountable. She sends recipes and a variety of good foods to keep me on track. She has a very easy going personality and creates a safe space which I really appreciate. She keeps me motivated and checks in with me on a regular basis which is awesome. Training with her was a great decision and I feel excited every session to see what she has planned. I like that we do a variety of strength training and boxing….changing it up every session keeps it interesting. I would highly recommend MaryEllen she really is fantastic and a genuinely kind person. She really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. Looking forward to continuing my journey with her.”

-Samantha C.

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